Speakers and Topics

Kary Shumway

Kary Shumway is the founder of Beer Business Finance, an online resource for beer industry professionals. Kary has worked in the beer industry for over 20 years as a Certified Public Accountant and as Chief Financial Officer for Clarke Distributors, Inc. in Keene, NH.

How to Reduce Out of Code Product in an Environment of SKU Proliferation

Out of code product is an expensive problem for food & beverage distributors, and the problem is growing. The rapid increase of new breweries, beverage types, brands and packages has been great for the industry. However, lurking in the shadows is a ticking time bomb: old product on the shelves.

The key is to identify old product before it goes bad and have a plan in place to get it sold through to the consumer while still fresh. This presentation will focus on the total costs of old product and share a process you can use to reduce this growing cost in your business.

About Beer Business Finance:

Beer Business Finance publishes a weekly beer industry finance newsletter, offers guide books on topics such as sales compensation planning, SKU management and financial literacy, and produces a weekly podcast. The newsletter with a free six month trial, industry guides and podcast are all available at www.BeerBusinessFinance.com.

Martin Thurner

Martin Thurner, CIO of Julius Meinl Coffee Group, heads development and deployment of the company’s IT solutions that serve European countries including Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey. Prior to his position at Julius Meinl, Martin was employed at Intesy, IT company of Bohler Uddeholm group. During this time he served as Global Business Development Manager, Country Manager Australia, Manager Business & IT Integration, and SAP Team Lead. His main responsibilities included the kernel development and SAP rollout strategy for 50+ companies at Bohler Uddeholm, and the conversion of an Austrian in-house IT-company into a service provider for the Asian & Australian market. Located in Vienna, Austria, Martin is a native speaker of both Italian and German, and also speaks English, French and Spanish.

Silvia Belloro

Silvia Belloro

Silvia is the Group Margin Minder® Expert at Julius Meinl Industrieholding GmbH. Her role is to implement Margin Minder in European Julius Meinl subsidiaries – including Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Germany and Russia – in order to make it the main business intelligence tool used in the organization, as well as a real added value and a competitive advantage.

In her former position, Silvia was the Junior Commercial Analyst for the Controlling department at Julius Meinl Italia S.p.A., where she used analytical tools to support area managers in their daily business activities, as well as provide support to the general manager and other decision-makers to draw up strategic guidelines for the company’s business development. Silvia holds an M.B.A. from the Foundation University of Vicenza, and a Bachelor’s in Economics and Business from the University of Verona.

Delivering Coherency in a Multinational Enterprise

Consistently delivering a coherent and accurate picture of things like customer profitability and return on capital investment can be a challenge for any business. Add in the complexity of doing business in more than a dozen different countries, each with variable laws, languages, and currencies, and you have a complex web of data that requires a performance management solution that offers world class power and precision.

Martin Thurner and Silvia Belloro will demonstrate how they have used Margin Minder as their main solution for harmonizing the local and global business needs presented by their diverse user base. This has allowed Julius Meinl to gain a 360° view of where resources are going and what they are achieving in return.

About Julius Meinl Coffee Group:

Julius Meinl is an internationally successful Austrian family company and has been the embodiment of Vienna’s beloved coffee house culture for more than 150 years. The global success of Julius Meinl is based on traditional values: five generations of coffee expertise, premium-quality products and excellent customer service. Values that are no longer a certainty these days. Julius Meinl is a global ambassador for Viennese coffee culture and today inspires people all over the world, just as the coffee house literati did in days gone by. Restaurants and business customers in more than 70 countries rely on Julius Meinl coffee and tea. The company ranks among the top 3 premium coffee brands in over 40 countries and is the market leader in Austria and Russia.

Alexandra Bishop-Counts

Alexandra (Allie) is the Senior Manager of Sales Analytics at Pabst Brewing Company. Allie has worked in analytics across many different industries, including fashion, food & beverage, and beer. She is a part of the category and development team – liaising with the executive sales team to identify areas of opportunity and create fact based action plans to execute against them.

Improving Market Execution with Advanced Consumer Targeting

Allie will demonstrate how Pabst Brewing is leveraging consumer behavior and lifestyle data, provided by Nielsen Spectra™, to precisely target where to place specific products that are most likely to sell. By integrating Nielsen Spectra indices into Margin Minder®, Pabst can more effectively execute new product rollouts, brand promotions and adjust product portfolios to closely fit consumer buying patterns at individual store levels in any market across the country.

About Pabst Brewing Company:

With over 30 beers in our portfolio, Pabst Brewing Company is the largest American-owned brewery. Since 1844, we’ve taken pride in brewing beers that have become iconic, cherished American brands. Brands that promote regional pride, and brands that express common bonds amongst people all over the world.

Ryan Van Fleet

Ryan Van Fleet

Ryan has been with New Belgium Brewing for approximately five years, fulfilling a number of roles in the analytics space. During his time at New Belgium, the analytics and planning group has grown from three individuals to more than ten. Prior to joining New Belgium’s team, Ryan spent 12 years at Nielsen providing continuous analytics leadership for companies including Kraft Foods, Wrigley, MillerCoors, Tyson Foods, Dr. Pepper, Nestle, and others.

Jessica Schleiger

Jessica is the current CRM Projects Manager and Administrator for New Belgium’s Beer Rangers (sales team), and is part of New Belgium’s sales insights and analytics team. She focuses strongly on user acceptance and training, and has a passion for making complex systems and sales tools accessible and practical for everyday users. Jessica has been with New Belgium for more than 13 years, in a variety of job roles. Prior to joining the brewery, Jessica achieved her M.A. in English, Communication Development, from Colorado State University.

Creating a Single Source of the Whole Truth

As New Belgium crosses the quarter-century mark, they are ingesting more streams of data than ever before. In an organizational objective to drive continuous improvement through a data-driven culture, New Belgium has turned to Salient UXT® as their enterprise performance system. With Salient’s platform, they are breaking down the silos and building a cohesive single source of information.
New Belgium’s Ryan Van Fleet and Jessica Schleiger will demonstrate how they have integrated sources from across the company, including sales, supply chain, finance, CRM, and other data streams such as depletions and Points of Distribution. They’ll show how this has brought New Belgium to an even higher level of visibility where they can more fully measure performance in any area of their business.

About New Belgium Brewing:

Founded in 1991, New Belgium Brewing has grown to be the 4th largest brewer of craft beer in the United States and the 8th largest brewery. They are perhaps best known for their flagship Fat Tire Amber Ale, New Belgium produces nearly 1 million barrels of beer and distributes to more than 40 states & territories.

Richie Morgan

Richard “Richie” E. Morgan Jr., 53, is President, CEO of North State Grocery Inc. a northern California regional grocery chain, a title he has held for 28 years. Mr. Morgan started working in the grocery industry in 1976, and for 13 years performed myriad roles before founding North State Grocery in 1989. North State Grocery developed into a regional independent grocery chain primarily through acquiring other smaller independent grocers. North State Grocery has been an avid user of technology to help position itself in the markets they operate. In 2006, the company formed an ESOP and today is a 100% employee owned company. Mr. Morgan completed the National Grocers Association Executive Leadership Program in 2006 at Cornell University. Mr. Morgan is currently on the Board of Directors of the National Grocers Association and was Chairman of the Board for the California Grocers Association from 2007-2008. In addition, he served 10 years as a director of the Association and various board executive positions.

Leveraging Retailer Loyalty Customer Insights to Beat the Competition

North State Grocery, Inc. prides themselves on being a highly consumer-centric grocery chain. With stores under the Holiday Market and SAVMOR Foods banners, they are laser-focused on keeping their shoppers happy to continuously improve business in an increasingly competitive landscape.

In this session, North State Grocery’s President, Richie Morgan, will demonstrate how his managers are using Margin Minder® to quickly gain insights from their loyalty program information. He’ll also show how they use the system to identify individual loyalty program customers to understand their buying behaviors and offer special promotions, customize communications to specific customer segments, and even re-engage customers who have stopped shopping at their locations.

About Holiday Market (North State Grocery):

Holiday Market (North State Grocery) is an employee-owned and operated regional grocery chain operating 12 stores throughout Northern California. Founded in 1962 with a vision to give customers the friendliest service while providing the freshest meats and produce available, each Holiday Market store remains committed to these core values of friendly service, fresh foods, and clean stores.

Connor Lee

Connor is a 3rd generation beer wholesaler at 7G Distributing in Eastern Iowa. Over the last 15 years, he’s held numerous positions in the industry working in delivery, draft, and sales. In his current role as Business Analyst, Connor leads the Category Space team in analyzing and implementing shelf sets; he also works with other departments at 7G to improve internal business processes.

Streamlining Inventory Management

Connor will be sharing the success 7G has experienced using Salient’s solution to get inventory under control by reducing expiring product, better managing new & seasonal SKUs, improving days of supply, and better forecasting. Connor will show how 7G uses email alerts and forecasting worksheets to achieve a more streamlined inventory management system.

About 7G Distributing:

7G Distributing was formed in June 2010 by the joint merger of two successful distributors (located in Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, Iowa) and has continued to grow with the addition of a third distributor in 2014 (located in Davenport). Representing 40 different suppliers and more than 800 brands, 7G currently sells more than 5.5 million cases annually to more than 2,000 accounts spanning 14 counties in Eastern Iowa.